Wake Forest Career 1954-2003

“It’s been such a gift working here.” Ed Christman

Ed Christman’s career at Wake Forest reflected the genius of a person in exactly the right job. He had a breadth of responsibilities that drew out his gifts and passions. He had the autonomy to find full expression of his creativity and leadership. And he had the advantage of longevity: 49 years of service gave him the chance to plant and harvest the fruit of many initiatives, to work with generations of students, faculty, and administrators, and to advocate for the best spirit of Wake Forest during a succession of interesting times.

Ed held four job titles over 49 years: Baptist Student Union Director, Baptist Campus Minister, Assistant Chaplain, and University Chaplain. His work evolved seamlessly with increasing responsibilities as he served both the people of Wake Forest and the institution itself. What he loved the most was working with students and seeing them grow.

Baptist Student Union Director, 1954-1956

Baptist Campus Minister, 1956-1959

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Baptist Campus Minister and Assistant Chaplain, 1961-1968

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University Chaplain, 1969-2003

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