Sermons, eulogies, and other longer works by Ed Christman were generally crafted through several versions and over many hours. Through this time and meticulous attention, the piece would be memorized and then delivered, with minimal notes, into its final form.

Ed’s hard copies — many were certainly typed by him, given the shorthand abbreviations and the number of typographical errors! — have handwritten notes, showing the continual editing process before delivery.

The most complete set of sermons were those delivered at chapel services between 1983-2003. The Chaplain’s office recorded most chapel services on audio cassettes. The cassettes were later transcribed to become documents, which appear on this site. As transcriptions, these sermons have some spaces from lost sound, and they are bumpy to read at times. Other sermons have been collected and added to this set.

Read Sermons 1983-2003

One of the most memorable of the chapel sermons was Ed’s final chapel service on April 24, 2003. Read this sermon, which was titled  Blowing in the Wind.

The chapel sermon cassettes have been donated to the Wake Forest University Library Special Collections and Archives. Some of this material may become available in the future in a digitized form. The audio record is the best record of Ed’s sermons as it includes the instrument of his voice!

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  • From Lori Fuller on May 2, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    Ah, those audio cassettes!! It was my job in 1994 or so to organize those darn things. 🙂 So glad they have been saved and transcribed.

    Lori Fuller (’94)